• Making Websites Easy

    Making Websites Easy

    At Smartgirl Solutions, we help you achieve an online presence that will be affordable, effective and professional for your business. Our website solutions are suitable for individuals, start-ups and small business owners and they are designed to maximize your flexibility and independence online.
  • Website Control

    Website Control

    Having your own business website will help you reach more potential customers and it will make your business - and YOU - have a professional presence on the internet. Your website will give you the freedom and control to manage your content, photos and products - easily and independently - and when you need it.
  • Website Solutions

    Website Solutions

    Find out which website solution best suits your personal and business needs. Each website software package offers you an intuitive admin control panel that can be accessed from any computer with internet connection. You can display your "business card" details and company profile, or advertise your products and sell them online.
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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Smartgirl Website Solutions

  • Do you need a simple online ‘Business Card’, 'Product Brochure' or 'Blog' type web presence? Wordpress is a very user-friendly website software package and an easy admin control panel enables you to easily edit your own pages, photos and posts. With Wordpress, your business website can still grow further at a later stage, with either more pages or software add-ons that will increase functionality.
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  • Do you have a lot of information to put online and would you like to be able to fully control how your content and products are published? The Joomla website software package has an intuitive admin control panel that enables you to manage different areas of your website, including layout, content, menus, users, banners and more. Joomla allows for further integration with other software and plugins that will extend the capability of your website.
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  • Do you have a large volume of products that you want to sell online? A Magento E-Commerce Website is most suitably implemented for larger and more complex E-Commerce websites. Amongst numerous other features, a Magento Website has built-in checkout, payment, shipping, catalog management, customer and order tracking, and analytics & reporting. On top of its already quite complete installation, Magento websites can be further extended with capabilities by adding - often paid for - extensions.
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